“How can nature play help children?” Knowledge Channel Interview Hosted by Bianca Gonzales

In 2022, Knowledge Channel launched “TalkED: Early Childhood Series,” an online educational talk show to further highlight the significance of early childhood development to Filipino families. The monthly series, hosted by celebrity mom Ms. Bianca Gonzalez, interviewed guest experts on child development to address child-related issues and give ideas and advice to parents. In its second episode aired on 30 June 2022, the founder and owner of Emosyon Bibo®, Jackelyn Bugarin-Uy, discussed and shared the importance of nature play in children’s growth and well-being.

TalkEd is a program produced by Knowledge Channel.

For more inspiration in creating a family culture that promotes emotional connection, visit our Emosyon Bibo® website and follow our Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok pages.

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