Listen, Open up, Connect and Repeat: The Emotion Cards Mantra

We can have a wonderful tool in our hands, but that will not make any difference if we don’t intentionally use it. Set goals on what do you want for you and your family and make it happen.

As we use the emotion cards as a family, let us remember to listen, open up, connect, and repeat:

LISTEN. Be interested in what your children are feeling. Always be curious about what and why they are feeling those emotions. Allow them to express freely by validating and understanding where they are coming from. It is not time to correct them nor discipline them. Let them feel that it is safe to share their big and strong emotions to you and that you can handle it without overreacting.

OPEN UP. Be a role model by sharing your own emotions too. We bond tighter when we allow them to see us share our feelings genuinely. This also helps in building empathy as it gives them a chance to hear and feel the emotions of others.

CONNECT. Support each other by giving advice or encouragement, even apology if necessary. Appreciate or praise one another for their courage in sharing. Assure them that they can always tell you how they feel anytime, and you will be there for them.

And finally…

REPEAT. Consistency is the key. Emotional Intelligence can only be developed if we continuously and intentionally build. Keep on using the emotion cards and make it part of your daily or weekly routine.

Remember that the positive impact of the EQ Cards lie on our desire to listen, open up, and connect with our loved ones.

For more inspiration in creating a family culture that promotes emotional connection, visit our Emosyon Bibo® website and follow our Instagram and Facebook pages.

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