We at EMOSYON BIBO® believe that learning to name and express emotions are the first steps in developing self-awareness, empathy, and emotional intelligence.

“How Am I Feeling?” Emotion Cards by Emosyon Bibo®
(English EQ Cards Version)

This set of Emotion Cards, the first feelings cards that promote emotional intelligence and empathy in the Philippines, is a simple conversational tool designed to help families especially children express their emotions or feelings. Each colored card is printed on a 450 gsm board. The set has a total of 51 cards inside—50 emotion cards and 1 instruction card.

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“Kumusta Ka?” Mga Kard ng Damdamin by Emosyon Bibo®
(Filipino EQ Cards Version)

Ang set na ito, ang kauna-unahang kard ng damdamin na nagtataguyod ng pagdadamayan at emosyonal na kagalingan sa Pilipinas, ay isang simpleng gamit sa pag-uusap na dinisenyo upang matulungan ang mga pamilya lalo na ang mga bata na ipahayag ang kanilang emosyon o damdamin. Ang bawat makulay na kard ay nilimbag sa 450 gsm kardbord. Ang bawat set ay mayroong kabuuang 51 mga kard—50 mga kard ng damdamin at 1 kard na gabay sa paggamit.

Bilhin ang Kumusta ka? | Mga Kard ng Damdamin sa aming Lazada store

“The Calming Corner Poster Set” by Emosyon Bibo®
(3 Posters)

A calming corner is a comfortable and safe space in your home where your child can go if they are feeling overwhelmed, angry, anxious, or need to process their big emotions. This positive and non-punitive corner can encourage children in learning how to cope with and process their intense emotions while also providing consistency and security. Rather than dismissing their unpleasant emotions or punishing them, we can train them to use this space and allow them to express and feel their emotions in a safe and gentle manner. It doesn’t matter how big the corner is, but it should be somewhere cozy, soothing, and calming.

The Calming Corner Poster Set includes 3 posters:

1. Emotion Regulation Chart (24×18 in) – Designed to teach children how to cope with their strong emotions. Includes some suggestions for what they can do as well as positive affirmations to help them manage their big emotions.

2. Purpose of Emotions Chart (16.5×11.8in) – Because all emotions are valid and significant, this chart can help children understand that their feelings are valid and have a purpose. This specially made poster will assist children in understanding the importance of the basic emotions. Knowing those purposes of emotion can assist kids in learning to listen to and handle unpleasant emotions, rather than avoiding them.

3. Safe and Calm Space Poster (16.5×11.8in) – This beautiful, simple, and useful poster reminds our children to breathe in and breathe out when they are feeling overwhelmed and anxious. This will also serve as a reminder that it is safe to be themselves in this part of the house.

All posters are printed on 120 gsm poster paper with an anti-scratch glossy coating.

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“I Can Train My Brain” Values and Praise Cards by Emosyon Bibo®
(Growth Mindset Cards)

A growth mindset believes that with effort and the right strategies, our intelligence and abilities can be improved. People with a growth mindset believe that change and growth are possible with effort, hard work, and persistence, then find lessons and inspiration from others and learn from criticism. This card set aims to increase children’s resilience and boost their confidence and self-esteem. Each colored card is printed on a 450 gsm board. The set has a total of 27 cards inside—25 values and praise cards and 2 instruction cards.

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“Process Praise” Sticker Set by Emosyon Bibo®
(40 Growth Mindset Stickers in English or Filipino)

‘Process Praise’ focuses on the child’s work, efforts, and actions rather than the child’s fixed trait or intellect. When parents and teachers praise the process and not the outcome, kids are more likely to develop a growth mindset. When children work hard, focus, persist, and learn from their mistakes to complete a difficult task, we acknowledge their efforts. This sticker set (choose either the English or Filipino version) includes 40 different and colorful stickers (2×2 inches) and an instruction card.

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”Today I Choose to be Grateful”| Gratitude Card Set

Gratitude is not just an emotion, but it is a choice, a mindset that we can instill in our children. When we raise our children to have a thankful heart, they will rise above negativity and see more blessings and positive things in their everyday, ordinary lives. In turn, they will appreciate more people, situations, and things they have, which will help them become happier, more contented children with better relationships with others.

Cultivating gratitude in our children is crucial if we want them to grow joyful, contented, and optimistic. Children who are not grateful think they always deserve more, better things, and all that they have or received is not good enough.

Each set has 30 gratitude cards inside. Each card suggests an area of the child’s life that they can be grateful about. On the reverse side of the card are the reasons to be thankful and questions to further encourage optimism and gratitude. We help our children become more joyful when they become pleased with ordinary moments and do not chase after extraordinary moments all the time.

Other practical tips on how to cultivate gratitude with our kids is also included inside.

Thickness : 450 gsm paper board with 30 micron matte laminate.

Size:74mm x105mm

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My Emotion Alphabet by Emosyon Bibo®

Start your child’s socio-emotional learning journey with this Emotion Alphabet Chart by Emosyon Bibo. The more vocabulary words your children have when it comes to emotions, the more likely they will use them to express their feelings. 

This beautifully designed poster depicts 26 feelings (A-Z) through word and picture descriptions. This emotion alphabet can help children generate a variety of words relating to the different emotions they experience!

Thickness – 120 gsm poster paper with anti-scratch glossy coating.Size : 18x 24 inches poster.Packed in a hard poster tube.

NOTE: no frame included inside.

My Emotion Alphabet

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“My Wholehearted Journey | Feelings and Gratitude Journal by Emosyon Bibo®

This feelings and gratitude journal will prompt us to stay awake and be in touch with the things we struggle with or are grateful for. Writing in this journal will help us express ourselves and listen to our hearts consistently. If we want to connect with the people we love emotionally; we need to connect to ourselves first. If we want to intentionally listen and be there for our friends, partner, or children, we need to listen to our hearts first.

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feelings journal, gratitude journal
My Wholehearted Journey | Feelings and Gratitude Journal

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